Ms. Krystal

and Ms. Michelle

Welcome to our classroom web site!

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year!

Here is a fun site we use in our classroom to explore the calendar, letters, numbers and colors! Your child can use this at home to continue exploring!!

This is a schedule of our day, the left is AM. The right is PM.

8:15-8/35 12:05-12:25 Table Top

8:35-9:00 12:25-12:50 Circle Time

9:00-10:00 12:50-1:50 Centers

9:45 12:35 Specials

10:15-10:45 2:05-2:35 Recess

10:50-11:10 2:40-3:00 Snack

11:10-11:25 3:00-3:15 Goodbye Circle

  • Every month we will focus activities on a nursery rhyme, this month is Jack and Jill.

This is a fun video we watch!

Ask your student to sing along.