Bilingual Class

Mrs. BAker and Mrs. charley

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Ela - Unit 2 Module A

Anchor Text "The Little House"

Readers: understand that stories have characters, settings, and major events.

Writers: understand the importance of sequence events in a story.

Learners: understand the concept on "then" and "now."

PBA - Personal Narrative

Students create a simple personal narrative something they did while they were younger than they do different now.

Spanish - Unidad 1 Modulo P

Libro ancla "La Isla"

Children will select an animal from the book read and will write .

They will tell about the animal and its home.


Students will:

  • Hacen y contestan preguntas sobre los detalles clave de

un texto.

  • Usan palabras que han aprendido al leer textos.

  • Identifican el tema principal de un texto y vuelven a contar

los detalles clave de este.

  • Comprenden el vocabulario del tema.

  • Dibujan, dictan or escriben para presentar información en

textos informativos.

Foundational Skills/Heggerty

Students will learn their letters and sounds.

Los niños también aprenderán las letras y los sonidos fonéticos.

Science-HMH Unit 2 - Forces and Motion

In this unit students will learn:

  • The speed of objects.

  • What causes motion? They will gather evidence to support or refute ideas about what causes motion.

  • Analyze data from tests to determine if a tool works as intended.

  • Explored pushes and pulls of different strengths and their effects on objects.