Mrs. Wadsworth's 4th Grade Class News

Balloons Aloft, Friday, October 5th at 7:00. This event begins at 7:00 in the morning and students are able to come see the balloons launch, but the expectation is that they stay with their families for this event until 8:45 when the playground opens. The school will also be hosting a fund-run just after the balloons launch. In addition, this will also be a pajama day, but please, not slippers.

On Tuesday, October 23rd, all of the 4th graders will be going to the Santa Ana Star Center for a Water Festival. This is an educational event put on by the city of Rio Rancho, who pays for the event and the bus. We will be gone from campus from 11:20 until about 2:00. We will be eating lunch early that day, before we leave, so plan on sending your child with a sack lunch, or if they are buying lunch, the cafeteria will be making up sack lunches for the students since we will be eating at a time different from our usual lunch time. I will be asking parents to be chaperones for this trip, but I have to make sure that you have already been approved by the district in order to chaperone for us.

Friday, October 26th is the annual school PTO Fall Carnival. Flyers will be coming home soon, but here is a preview of the flyer. The 4th grade will be hosting a cake walk and we will be asking for cake and cupcake donations to use as prizes for the activity. The Carnival is in the evening and is a really fun event for all families.

If your child is out sick, or gets behind in Zearn, I am asking you to allow your child access to a computer to go onto Zearn and complete the day's lesson (if they are sick) or catch up to where they should be. This helps all the students with understanding what the daily lessons are in class. They should also be able to access at home if they miss it during the school day. This website helps students learn basic math facts, and be able to calculate quickly. This is also an important life skill.

If your child is out sick, or going to be absent that day, and you let me know in the morning, I can assign the book we are currently reading through Powerschool, which they can log on and access to read the pages they are missing by being out sick. I am also able to assign the questions we will be discussing in class, so they can go onto Google Classroom to write their responses to those same questions. This makes it easier to come back the next day and be caught up with some of the learning we completed during their absence.

As always, I am available for questions or concerns. I answer e-mails pretty quickly and will return phone calls either before school or just after.

I truly am excited to work with your children this year. They are an amazingly wonderful group of students.