McCreight's Perspective ELA 12 Class


Throughout this class we will investigate and discover other people's perspectives on topics, issues, etc., using written and visual texts, from around the world and here at home.

This year my class will be participating in a Chromebook pilot; which simply means each student will be assigned a Chromebook and will complete all assignments online. Students will also have access to all school assignments and materials from their own personal devices at home or away from school.

I am super excited about all the opportunities we are going to have in learning through appropriate use of technology!

Let's get started!! Welcome to English 12

Class Announcements:

    • Credentialing Conferences: October 23-27th, 2017
    • No school: November 22-24th, 2017 - Thanksgiving Break
    • End of 2nd quarter - December 20, 2017
    • Saturday School opportunities: December 9th, December 16th - from 9am-noon
    • Other School announcements: Independence High School