Welcome to our Classroom!

Welcome to our classroom! Every morning we start our day at the calendar discussing the days of the week, months of the year, and the weather. We have our classroom schedule posted right next to the smartboard so the students know how their day will go. On the right side you see our focus board. The focus board helps us know what letters, numbers and sight words we are working on that week. On the left side of the smartboard we have our beehive that is helping us count to the 100th day of school. Everyday we add a new bee to the hive for how many days we have been in school then we count together. Our smart board is the center of the our classroom. We use the smart board throughout the day during our learning. It allows the students to see and interact with the lessons.

Here is where we put our backpacks when we come into the classroom each morning. After we check our bee binders, we put them away in our assigned cubicle. Above our cubes is our birthday board. Each student has a popsicle stick with their picture that lets us know what month they were born in.

In kindergarten we are very lucky and have a private bathroom. Hanging from a hook is our stop and go sign. We know when the sign is green the bathroom is free. When the sign is red we need to wait.