PE- Weights/Pilates


The High School Physical Education curriculum will concentrate on all areas of physical development. Classes will stress the importance of student participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills - along with encouraging students about nutritional needs.

PE/Weights Materials:

T-shirt, gym shorts, change of clothes, tennis shoes. (PE students will need to purchase PE uniforms)

Clothing worn to school cannot be worn in PE class.

Pilates Materials:

Mat, appropriate dress

Clothing worn to school cannot be worn for dressout credit

Classroom Management Plan:

Take good care of equipment and locker room facilities. Be respectful to the instructor, substitute teacher, and other students in the class. Have a positive attitude, exemplify sportsmanship, be on time, and do not use inappropriate language. Any Student who disobeys rules established in the Student Handbook throughout the semester will be subjected to disciplinary action. Flipping towels is dangerous and will also result in disciplinary action.


Grades will be determined in a point system. 90% of total grade is participation/dressing out along with attndance, 10% of total grade is social behavior. Total points earned divided by total possible points. Students will start each week with 100 points and be deducted by no dress (10pts a day) and non-participation (10 pts a day; 20 points a day are social/behavior and will be deducted if necessary).

Excused - No-dress must be accompanied by a written, dated, and signed note from either a parent (2 per nine weeks), or a signed doctors note.

(Medical problems, asthma, etc. inhaler, or any medical condition must be reported!)

After 3 absences (excused or not) a one page paper must be written on health or fitness topic for every day missed (due the week of absence, or if on Friday the following return to school day).

Objectives of Physical Education:

  1. The student will be competent in many movement forms.
  2. The student will understand how and why one moves in a variety of situations and will use this information to enhance his or her own skills.
  3. The student will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
  4. The student will exhibit a physical active lifestyle and will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.
  5. The student will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.
  6. The student will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities and understand the importance of respect for others.

Class Expectations and Requirements:

  1. Students must be in the locker room prior to the tardy bell.
  2. Students must wear Cleveland HIGH School PE Uniforms (PE), which consist of the PE t-shirt , CHS athletic shorts , and appropriate athletic footwear. (Full Uniform is $15, just shirt or shorts is $10).
  3. Students must lock all their belongings in ONLY their assigned locker with their owncombination lock.
  5. The Physical Education Department will NOT accept responsibility for lost items.

All Non-suits are expected to comply with the classroom rules or will receive further disciplinary action.

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