Mrs. Honaberger's

3rd Grade Class

Welcome to Mr.s Honaberger's 3rd Grade class!

What We are Learning

Math: Eureka Module 1 Topics C-E:

  • Topic C: Analyze Arrays to Multiply Using Units of 2 and 3
  • Topic D: Division Using Units of 2 and 3
  • Topic E: Multiplication and Division Using Units of 4
  • Topic F: Distributive Property and Problem Solving Using Units of 2–5 and 10

Make sure to read the Eureka Parent News letter that goes out on Bloomz (our classroom communication page) when we start the new Topic. It is very helpful in knowing what your child is learning.

ELA: Ready Gen Unit Modules A and B

Unit 1 Module A (Observing the world Around Us using Narrative Texts: Location, Location, Location, Case of the Gasping Garbage, and Thunder Cake) Students will understand that character's action impact the sequence of events. Students will review Narrative writing and texts. Students will focus on gathering and writing details and sequence of events, while practicing conventions.

Unit 1 Module B Informational Texts (Observing the World Around Us through Informational Texts: Treasure for the Trees, and About Earth) Students will determine the main idea and explain how it is conveyed through key details in a text. Students will gather information/key details on a topic and write informational papers.

Science: Forces

Students will work collaboratively in solving ways and determining how forces work.

Social Studies: The World Around Us

Students will learn about the world around them.

Monthly Homework Project:

This month our Monthly homework project will be to read a mystery and complete a project telling the class about it. This is very exciting as the students will also be able choose the book and they way they will present the project. Their options include a book report, critique, diorama, poster board, comic strip, even a google slides presentation. Projects due on October 4th.