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Roark’s November Reader

Please refer to the WAG (week at a glance) on your child's google classroom every Friday to better prepare for the following week. (As we go through the week things may change depending on how much we are able to complete each day). Thank you for being flexible. I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your children.

Last week the kids worked hard on their end of unit PBA. They had been learning about note taking while reading informational texts and turning that information into paragraphs. On their PBA they were asked to watch a video about hummingbirds then read hummingbird articles all while taking notes on: diet, habitat and fun facts. They were then asked to turn what they learned into paragraphs using their own words. In math we started working on rounding to the nearest ten and will continue this into this week. The kids worked so hard and earned another Dragon Party and can wear their PJ's on Monday.

This week we will be starting a new unit in reading. We will be reading a historical fiction called, The Year of Miss Agnes. The kids will be learning about character traits, sequencing of events, comparing and contrasting ideas between characters, dialogue, problem and solution, and central message. The students will use what we learned from the text to create our own narrative writing.

Week at a Glance