Music at Sandia Vista

Music While at Home

While we might not be having music class, there is so much you can do at home. Click here to visit a page with links to online music opportunities.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

email: phone: 505-338-2526 ext. 54240

Throughout the Sandia Vista Music website, there are a great variety of explorations:

  • Visit the Online Music page for links to apps and webpages for fun exploration and learning.

  • Visit the Listening page for a selection of some of my favorite music from a variety of genres and cultures. Do you have a suggestion for something to add? Let me know!

  • The Ukulele page has some of the classic ukulele examples for you to listen to.

  • Grade level pages: Each grade level has some of the songs we've been singing, so you can sing them at home. Also, there are learning opportunities from


My name is Sarah Farrell, and am I very excited have joined Sandia Vista. I've been a part of Rio Rancho Public Schools for 18 years- 4 years at Colinas del Norte, and 14 at Shining Stars Preschool, as the Music Teacher and Bilingual Coordinator.

As a music teacher, I am very excited by the fact that music gives all children an opportunity to express themselves, through movement, singing and instruments.

As children learn new skills and strategies in music, they will work to use these to create their own musical expressions.

Rules of Respect

Being Respectful

In music class, there is only one rule: Be respectful. This includes respecting myself, others, and the school. Each class will work to define what that looks like.

Musicplay online!

Students can access music games, as well as ukulele and recorder practice by visiting