Physical Education

Welcome to Dragon PE! We are very excited see our students for TONS of games and fun! It is going to be such an amazing school year!

Please remember to wear appropriate attire everyday to school so you can participate safely in our class and play safely on the playground. Students should wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. If you are dressed up, please bring tennis shoes to change into if you have PE that day.

We truly look forward to our PE classes every single day!

Here are some recommended ways to get your kids moving while at home. We miss seeing them ALL!

We often do locomotor movements around our gym. These are great for strength, flexiblity, cardio, and balance. Call out these movements and let your child show you how it looks. Try and do the movements for at least 20 minutes.

Kindergarten-5th grade

Locomotor Movements- Skipping, Galloping, Side Slide, Power Walking, Jogging, Walking Lunges, Hopping

Animal Movements Include- Inch Worm, Ostrich, Crab Walk, Bear Walk, Alligator Crawl, Flamingo

Other simple ideas- Hoola Hoop, Jumping Rope, Throwing and Catching, Going for a jog/run, Just Dance Videos, Animal Races, Build an obstacle course, Balloon Play, Freeze Dance, Ride Bikes, Set up a Relay Race, Throwing water balloons at targets, Playing baseball with water balloons

You could have your child(ren) write some ideas they like on small pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in a hat. Have them draw one, complete it, and then repeat.

Here are some kid friendly exerciese videos.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

With guided relaxation, mindfulness and yoga adventures, your kids will learn the basics of yoga in a fun way. They’ll enjoy this gentle introduction to yoga and peacefulness.

20 Minute Exercise Routine

This set of 4 exercises is a great introduction to fitness for kids. The 20-minute workouts are challenging but not too hard for kids to feel like they are making progress.

Count to 20 and Workout

A fun video for Kindergarten and First Grade that integrates music into a workout led by Jack Hartman.

We will be adding new ideas often. We wish you all well and look forward to seeing the kids soon.

Coach Elliott and Coach Jackson