Mrs. Rodriguez's Math 8

Mrs. Cynthia Rodriguez

Math 8, 2019-2020

Room 628

891-5335 x54786

Expectations and Grading Policy

Behavior: Students are expected to behave in a manner conducive to a positive learning environment. Students will be held accountable for their actions. Parents will be notified of any problems, and may be asked to attend classes with their child until their child’s behavior is deemed appropriate. A parent conference with the teacher and administration will be requested if necessary.

Tardies: Students are expected to come to class on time every day. The first tardy will result in a warning. If students are tardy again, parents will be notified. A third tardy (or more) will result in an office referral.

Classwork: Students will work collaboratively with their peers in an effort to attain a deeper understanding of math concepts. Additionally, students will receive instructional lessons and participate in activities in which they will be required to take notes in their dedicated math composition book. Students are responsible for keeping their composition notebook organized since it will be for a grade, and it will be helpful for homework, and possibly some assessments.

Parent Communication: Parent communication is an important part of the learning process. If a student is failing my class with anything below a C-, parents will be notified biweekly. I also will e-mail biweekly if students have any missing assignments. Sometimes students forget to turn in absent work or forget their name. Every assignment counts!

Tutoring: Tutoring will be available every day at lunch in my room. Students are more than welcome to eat their lunch in my room. Students must get a pass before hand to come, or they will be stopped in the hallway if they get their lunch from the cafeteria. After school math tutoring will be offered in the library. Dates and times will be given as soon as tutoring after school begins. Check my webpage to see when tutoring is available.

Warm Ups: Students will have a warm up every day in class except for Wednesday's or days that they are taking an assessment. Warm Ups are for a grade and will be worked out as a class. All work must be shown on their warm ups to recieve full credit. Students are expected to make up their warm ups if they are absent. The warm ups will help them be more prepared for the finals.

Homework: Homework can be expected nightly, as mathematics is a skill that must be practiced in order to achieve mastery. Students are always allowed to make up work if they are absent (see the schools policies for more information). All students are responsible for obtaining work that was assigned if their absent. If a student is going to be out for multiple days, follow the guidelines on the schools website) . Please allow 24 hours for homework requests. Homework will not be given in advance for extended absences without the permission of administration. If a student is absent, it will be their responsibility to grade their homework, that way they can see where they are making their misktakes. Students are allowed to make full credit corrections on all homework assignments, however, it must be in the three column correction format (one column is the for the problem, the second is for the work and answer, and the third is to identify where they made their mistake) with a parent signature. All homework corrections must be in before the assessment that follows.

Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes will cover only a small amount of the material that has been covered over the past week (2-4 lessons). Concept quizzes may occur throughout the Eureka Modules to drive instructional decisions. Most Modules will have a Mid-Module Assessment and an End of Module Assessment. Students will have advanced notice of these two assessments, so that they can prepare. Students may be given the opportunity to use their notes on quizzes or tests, so an organized notebook works to their advantage. However they must do the review prior to the assessment to get to use their notes. Reviews are completed in class the day before an assessment. If the student is absent during the review, they will make up the review before taking the test. Students are allowed to retest all quizzes and test, however, they must have turned in all the assignments that led up to the assessment. Retests will be at lunch and require a parent signature, and they will be allowed 2 days to finish a retest. The retest is a different test, so they must study before taking it. They may not retest the same test twice.

Grading: Students will be graded on their performance on classwork, homework assignments, quizzes, and assessments. Students may be given grades based on the work completed in class as well as at home.

· Assessment Quizzes, Assessments, and Projects - 70% of grade

· Practice Homework and Classwork – 30% of grade

Every 8th grader is required to take final exams at the end of each semester in all core classes. Finals are worth 20% of the entire semester grade, making the grade for each quarter worth 40%.

Students will be required to have their composition book, glue, module, paper, grading pen and pencils every day. Please consider buying your student a scientific calculator. Let’s make this year count! High school is next year.