Dual Credit Programs

General Dual Credit Info

Each student is allowed no more than two Dual Credit Courses during their four years of high school that will count on their High School transcript, unless they are enrolled in one of the CNM Career Technical Education (CTE) programs (more information below), which requires students to submit an application to participate along with parent approval.

It is imperative that students understand that if they do not obtain approval to take a course by a counselor and administration, using the district Dual Credit Course Authorization Form, they will not receive credit and their book(s) will not be paid for by RRPS.

Students may decide on their own to take more than two courses at CNM or UNM, but they will not be given high school credit and students will be responsible for the cost of books, fees, and tuition.

As of this semester, we have expended all funding provided by the PED for the purchase of college textbooks due to the efforts we have taken to expand opportunities for students. Because of this, RRPS will no longer cover the cost of books for summer sessions.

Dual Credit Guidelines:

  • Dual credit courses must be academic or career technical and not developmental or remedial. Dual credit courses should support a student’s Five Year Plan or be a part of a post-secondary certificate or degree program. Any dual credit course must be pre-approved by the student’s school principal (or designee) prior to enrollment.
  • If a comparable class is offered on the home school campus students must petition the principal in order to take the college class. Core classes may not supplant high school graduation core credit classes.


  1. Begin the CNM Dual Credit Program application process and visit CNM to complete the ACCUPLACER. FYI: CNM Signature Page requires student's State ID Number which is different from your School ID Number. Students can obtain this information from their counselor.
  2. Student obtains Dual Credit Course Authorization Form from counselor or print it from this webpage.
  3. Student will return the completed form to their counselor to obtain approval.
  4. Upon approval from school site, student takes authorization form to SLC for final approval and verifies if book(s) are available. SLC Principal will complete final approval on authorization form and fax to CNM or UNM .

No authorization form is needed for summer courses or courses beyond the 2 credit limit as these credits will not be placed on the high school transcript.

District Dual Credit Programs

Tuition and books are provided to your student at no cost, which is a savings of hundreds of dollars to jumpstart their career and money earning potential after high school graduation. Students will have an abbreviated schedule at CHS and at CNM. We have program openings in the field of Nursing, Fire Science, Computer Technology and Welding.

Students must complete and return application for the program of interest to their school counselor by March 15, 2019. See more information on the links below.