Useful scholarship Web Sites

Tips For applying for scholarships

  • Track Deadlines
  • Students who are applying for many scholarships will have to meet deadlines that may be spread out over months. In order to ensure they meet all of these deadlines, they should make a scholarship calendar and keep track of the upcoming dates. However, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to wait until the last minute to complete applications.
  • Compile a Broad List of Scholarships
  • The more scholarships students apply for, the more funding they may be able to secure. They should not limit their chances by only applying to one kind of scholarship. Instead, they should do a broad search and apply to every scholarship they are qualified for, no matter what size the award is.
  • Follow Directions Carefully
  • Not every organization asks for the same information, so students should pay close attention to each application’s requirements. For example, the suggested length of an essay and whether or not a recommendation is required can differ from one scholarship application to the next.
  • Write Original Essays for Each Scholarship
  • Although a lot of the information that scholarship applications ask for may be similar, that doesn’t mean applicants should recycle the same essay over and over again. The organizations that issue scholarships are each looking for something specific and they will be able to tell if an applicant simply reuses an essay.
  • Proofread
  • Students want to put their best foot forward when they’re applying for scholarships, so they should remember to spellcheck and proofread every application before sending it out. Better yet, they should have an adept editor look it over and offer feedback.
  • Keep Applying
  • Many students stop applying for scholarships after they have entered their freshman year. However, some scholarships are targeted toward students in the subsequent years of their education, so students should remember to apply for funding every year they’re in school.