10th grade

Class of 2021

Ms. Guadalupe Gallegos

Students Last Name A-L


Mr. Ben Lukoski

Students Last Name M-Z


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Fall 2018 Naviance

This slideshow includes graduation requirements, credit recovery, dual credit and early college information, NCAA clearinghouse information, and ACT/SAT information

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery takes place at the SLC after school and more information is available here.

  • Students who failed a core class must meet with their counselor to discuss options for credit recovery
  • There is NO Credit recovery offered during the school day

Sophomore To Do List

  • Get to know your counselor. We are here to answer any questions you might have about high school and to help you reach your goals. Stop by to say hello.
  • Check the counseling website and your class page periodically.
  • Use your Naviance account and get used to checking it regularly to stay updated on school information and events. Login=school ID Password=mmddyyyy of your birth
  • Start Researching colleges. Focus on what you are interested in studying to help create a list of colleges you are interested in.
  • Plan on taking the PSAT in October. This is how you can qualify for the National Merit Scholar program.
  • Play a sport, join a club, and do the things you love best! Be an active participant in your education at Cleveland High School.
  • Create a filing system of all you have done in High school including grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer/community service, and colleges you are considering.
  • Read, Read, and Read some more. Strong reading skills lead to higher ACT and SAT scores.

Parent to Do List

  • Make sure your child meets with the school counselor. Your sophomore should schedule a meeting to talk about college and career options and to make sure he or she is taking the most-appropriate classes.
  • Encourage your child to set goals for the school year. Working toward specific goals helps your high schooler stay motivated and focused.
  • Make a plan to check in regularly about schoolwork. If you keep up with your child's tests, papers and homework assignments, you can celebrate successes and head off problems as a team.
  • Talk about extracurricular activities. Getting involved in clubs and other groups is a great way for your child to identify interests and feel more engaged in school.
  • Help your 10th-grader get ready to take the PSAT/NMSQT. Taking the test this fall can help your child prepare for the SAT and get on track for college. Sophomores can also use their score reports to figure out which academic areas they need to work on.

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9th grade presentation (1)

Click through this slide show to learn more about graduation requirements and opportunities at CHS