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4th Grade Class

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I will use the Home page to share updates and events. I will post weekly challenges for students on the Investigations page, and there are also pages with information about schedules, documents, and useful links. If you need to get in touch with me, there is a Contact Me page as well!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Can you believe it's time to start a new school year? I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and that you're as excited as I am for the coming year. I want to take a moment to introduce myself and share some of the basics about my classroom.

I am starting my eighth year teaching in RRPS, where I've spent my whole career. I received my teacher's license in Colorado, but immediately moved to New Mexico because my wife got into medical school at UNM. I taught third grade for three years, and this will be my fifth year teaching fourth grade. I taught at Cielo Azul Elementary for six years and this will be my second year at Maggie Cordova Elementary.

I strongly believe in educating the whole student. Core academics are very important, but so are things like creativity, leadership, critical thinking, and collaboration. I believe in integrating science, history, civics, and the arts into my teaching as often as possible. Since every student learns differently, I also incorporate many different teaching styles. My goal is to create a supportive and engaging class atmosphere where students can be confident in themselves, and are constantly challenged to improve their skills and knowledge.

I am always available if you have any questions, and you can find my contact info on my Contact Me page. Thanks so much for visiting my class web page, I look forward to getting to know everyone more as the year goes on!