to Ms. Amanda and Ms. Jazmine's Preschool Class

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My name is Amanda Gonzales, I am a 3Y teacher here at Shining Stars Preschool. I have worked with children of different age groups for 13 years and have one child of my own, that I adore spending time with.

It brings me joy to guide and support children. I hope to guide children’s learning and knowledge through their exploration of the world. We must teach to the whole child also realizing each child learns and feels loved in different ways. I believe children learn best threw meaningful experiences such as learning threw play, making life connections when learning and having hands on experiences. I incorporate ideas from a variety of theorists, including Erikson, Piaget, Maslow, Gardner, Vygotsky and Smilansky. I strive to continue my education, as I grow as an educator and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience as an Early Childhood teacher with others.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your child's life and education.