Welcome to Ms. Agena's and Mrs. Miller's 4th Grade Class!

Your child’s success in life will be affected by the quality of his/her education and the effort they put forth. It is also known that the success of any educational program is largely dependent upon continuity. Therefore, daily attendance in school is critical. Empower your child to show what he or she knows and can do everyday by:

Sending your child to school on time everyday, except in the case of serious illness.

Please make every effort to not pick your child up for early dismissal. They miss valuable instruction.

This year, we are again teaching students about growth mindset. This is the belief that anyone can learn and become better at things with practice, effort and perseverance. New research from leading scientists shows the brain is like a muscle. It can change and get stronger with use. Researchers tell us that youth with growth mindsets are more likely to have brighter futures due to seeing challenges as something to take on with effort and strategies.

Parents can help promote growth mindset.

Tip #1: Promote effort and learning - Encourage your student to take on challenges by praising their effort. Instead of saying, "Wow, you made that look easy." Try saying, "Your practice is paying off." When you hear your child say, "I can't do this." Try reminding them, "You can't do it yet. However, with practice and effort you will be able to do it."

CLICK HERE to read an excellent piece for parents.

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