Gifted and Talented

The purpose of the Gifted and Talented program is to develop the problem solving and critical/creative thinking skills of students whose abilities have been identified as higher level. The Gifted and Talented program is dedicated to developing the unique talents of students.

Enrichment - Grades K-2

The purpose of the Enrichment program is designed for all students to be exposed to critical and creative thinking activities. This all inclusive program is a weekly or bi-weekly program for the general population students.

Grade 6 Gifted and Talented

PULLOUT - Grades 3-6

The purpose of the the Grade 3-6 pullout program is for students of like abilities to work in a collaborative environment where students become inquisitive, effective questioners and producers of knowledge. This program builds on the inclusive K-2 Enrichment program. Students are selected for this program using a rubric which focuses on benchmark assessments, state test scores, as well as teacher input throughout the year. This group can be fluid as students excel or stand out among their peers.The program offers students opportunities to participate in a variety of advanced and challenging learning experiences.

Grade 4 Gifted and Talented

Grades 7-8

Our Jr. High exploratory classes include Robotics and Computers which support all learners, but are meant to be especially challenging for our gifted and talented learners. Ridgefield Park additionally offers an Honors English program at this level to also challenge our gifted and talented population.

Grades 9-12

Our Sr. High gifted and talented students are supported through a wide variety of Honors and AP courses.