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Summer School

What is the Virtual Program?

While the Rapides Parish School Board believes that in-person learning is usually best for most students, some families may want or need alternative options. The RPSB is honored to offer remote learning opportunities through the Rapides Virtual Program.  This innovative approach will explore and expand independent study in a broader way using technology and promoting creativity.

Instruction in the Virtual Program is delivered in a structured online environment taught by certified teachers for grades 6-12.

Students must have access to the internet to participate in the program. Students may check out devices while participating in the program.

What does instruction look like?

Students participating in the Virtual Program utilize the same curriculum as the students who are attending school in the traditional setting.  The district grading scale and report cards are the same in the Rapides Virtual Program as the traditional setting.  

Students must be present, prepared, and engaged for the daily instruction.  Attendance requirements are the same as in the traditional school settings. 

Withdrawal from the virtual program can only occur at the end of each quarter, unless removed by administration.

While instruction is delivered using online methods, parental-supervision is needed to ensure completion of tasks and homework.

How to get started?

It is important that you read the Virtual Program’s policies and procedures to determine if you can comply with the requirements.  A copy is available at RVP Open Enrollment 2023-2024 School Year

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the virtual program follow the same school calendar as the traditional schools?

A: Yes, the virtual school will begin and end on the same dates as the traditional schools and follow the same calendar for holidays.

Q: Can my student participate in extracurricular activities while enrolled in RVP?

A: Students enrolled in RVP are allowed full participation in athletic programs at their zoned school if selected for the team(s). In addition, students can participate in extracurricular events and activities, including clubs and programs. However, transportation is not provided to virtual program students who paerticipate in extracurricular activities.

registration and enrollent

Q: What grades can students complete through the virtual program?

A: Students entering grades 6th through 12th Grades can participate in RVP. 

Q: Can students enroll part-time?

A: Yes, there will be courses offered for part-time students; however, part-time courses will be taught using an online program (Edgenuity) and will not follow the same procedures as full-time student course-offerings. 

Q: Will there be an additional fee charged for students who participate in RVP?

A: There is no additional fee charged for students enrolled in RPSB school who are approved to participate in RVP; however, students may be required to pay the usual school fees associated with the school in which they are enrolled. 

Q: Will my student be able to switch between RVP and the traditional program?

A: Students will only be allowed to switch between RVP and face-to-face at the end of a grading period (end of 9 weeks). Once a student leaves RVP to return to their enrolled school, he or she may not re-enroll and must remain at their enrolled school for the remainder of the year.

Q: Who is eligible to enroll in RVP?

A: Students entering or currently enrolled in grades 6-12 are eligible for enrollment.

Q: How do I enroll in RVP?

A: During Open Enrollment Month, complete the application process to be eligible for consideration for admittance. Outside of Open Enrollment, a parent/guardian must meet with the principal of the enrolled-school to be referred to RVP.

Q: How will I know if my application for entry in RVP has been accepted?

A: You with receive a letter and/or email from the principal of RVP.


Click here to view RVP's Handbook.