Alexandria Middle Magnet School

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About us

Alexandria Middle Magnet School is a public junior high school in Alexandria, LA. Led by an incredible team of administrators and faculty, our students have an ample of opportunities to engage in rigorous learning environments, participate in visual and performing arts, athletics, and extracurriculars.


During Middle School, our students begin developing values while making connections with teachers and peers. They begin to figure out the meaning of community and begin to develop their talents and passions.Our dedicated faculty provides daily opportunities to develop students into successful citizens through rigorous instructions and dedicated times of mentorship. the hope is to prepare our students for the next phase in their life which will, essentially, propel them into the world allowing them to make well-rounded decisions.


Athletics play an important role in the well-rounded educational experience offered at AMMS. Our athletics program strives to develop confident, enthusiastic, and disciplined athletes. Our student-athletes work to attain their full physical potential, learn the value of teamwork, and discover the importance of sportsmanship. We strive to develop leadership and ethical behavior in our athletes while encouraging a life-long love for sports and fitness.


The arts provide students the opportunity to learn their creative and expressive skills. ASH students ARE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP THESE SKILLS THROUGH VISUAL ART, THEATER, CHIOR, MARCHING BAND AND SMALL ENSEMBLE.

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