HS Academy

HS stands for Health Sciences. P​​​athways include Fitness and Wellness, Health Care Associate, and Medical and Health Sciences.

John Cusimano , Academy Principal email: john.cusimano@rps205.com

Allyson Utech English allyson.utech@rps205.com

Mary Nedland Academy OP mary.nedland@rps205.com

Alan Church Social Studies alan.church@rps205.com

Angie Cleaver Health angie.cleaver@rps205.com

Angel Cosme Science angel.cosme@rps205.com

Pamela Curry Special Ed. pamela.curry@rps205.com

Todd Brannan P. E. todd.brannan@rps205.com

Carl Burns Math carl.burns@rps205.com

Erin Eurek Math erin.eurek@rps205.com

Nate Green P. E. nate.green@rps205.com

Lund, Kami P. E. kami.lund@rps205.com

Kay Mork Science kay.mork@rps205.com

Martin Moubel Special Ed. martin.moubel@rps205.com

Dawn Myelle-Watson A&P, Earth Sci dawn.myelee-watson@rps205.com

Sara Nelson Special Ed. sara.nelson@rps205.com

Brian West Spanish brian.west@rps205.com