EMITT stands for Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial and Trades Technology. EMITT career pathways include Architecture and Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Skilled Trades and Transportation Technology​.

Rossato, John, EMITT Principal email: john.rossato@rps205.com

Rundall, Don, JHS Principal email: rundalld@rps205.com

Alazzawi, Suadad, Flight instructor suadad.alazzawi@rps205.com

Bardwell, David Instructional Skills Instructor david.bardwell@rps205.com

Walton, Bob English Instructor robert.j.walton@rps205.com

Bazany, Kerry English kerry.bazany@rps205.com

Burch, David Procedural Coach, special education burchd@rps205.com

Dutz, Andrea LI/ID teacher andrea.dutz@rps205.com

Henry, Tim Spanish Instructor timothy.henry@rps205.com

Moraska, Jason PE Instructor jason.moraska@rps205.com

Jennings, Jill Skilled Trades Instructor jill.jennings@rps205.com

Kluzak, Charles Manufacturing Instructor charles.kluzak@rps205.com

McArthur, Doug English Instructor douglas.mcarthur@rps205.com

O'Hearn, Braxton Social Studies Instructor braxton.ohearn@rps205.com

Reuter, Jeff Math- Business/AST Liaison jeffrey.reuter@rps205.com

Rutlin, Mike Automotive Instructor michael.rutlin@rps205.com

Turner, Dallas Science dallas.turner@rps205.com

Stenberg, Craig Engineering / Drafting Instructor craig.stenberg@rps205.com

Valdivia, JoAnn Math Instructor joan.valdivia@rps205.com

Waddle, Amy Autism Specialist waddlea@rps205.com