Rockport Middle School is excited to continue with the success of our Summer Reading Program which was restructured last year. Last year's experience taught us that students want choice in their reading, and they want books that are relevant to their lives. The students did not shy away from difficult topics, and they were prepared to share ideas through discussion. The Community Discussion in September created a buzz of excitement, showcasing students and staff working across grade levels and subject areas. It was fun to connect with each other about books and share lively, rich conversations about real-world topics.

Rockport Middle School teachers and staff members believe that summer reading should be an opportunity to:

  • support lifelong reading habits
  • develop excitement for books and reading
  • create a collaborative community
  • connect students and staff members with high-interest, diverse titles
  • facilitate and engage in discussions about books.

Students are required to read two books this summer.

1. Choose a book from the Community Reading List (List), complete the assigned book notes (Resources), and participate in the group discussion in September.

2. Choose a book of your preference that you have not previously read.