Math & Science

RRLS Middle School

and 7th Grade Homeroom with Mrs. Evans

Middle School Contact Information: Royal Redeemer Lutheran School

11680 Royalton Road, North Royalton, OH 44133

School Office: (440) 237-7988

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Middle School Teachers:

6th Homeroom & Social Studies Mrs. Sue Medalis

7th Homeroom, Math & Science Mrs. Mara Evans

8th Homeroom & English Language Arts Mrs. Michelle Krikke

6th Religion & 8th Algebra Mr. Dale Lehrke

7/8 Religion Pastor Alex Harris

7/8 Religion Pastor John Zarhte

K-8 Music Mrs. Laura Battaile

K-8 Technology & Media Mrs. Allison Leininger

K-8 Physical Education Mrs. Barb Trizio

K-8 Enrichment Mrs. Martie Progar

Our 7th grade classroom and scientific investigations during our first few weeks of school in fall of 2020.

Mara Evans - Teacher

Technology, Math and Science are all passions of mine. I enjoy keeping up with current world technology including popular platforms like Pokémon Go, Harry Potter - Wizards Unite, TikTok, Arduino Science Journal, and so much more! Before becoming a middle school teacher I worked in the film and television production industry in California, Ohio and South Carolina. In my free time I enjoy oil painting and other arts, camping, cooking, studying materials science, traveling, and participating in several sports. I am a 4th generation teacher following in the footsteps of my older sister, mother, grandmother, and great grandfather.

I love to travel. Here are a few of my favorite photos and videos from 2021. The tigers and elephants were at sanctuaries. We did not ride the elephants, but instead fed this one, learned how to give it a medical check up, scrubbed her with mud, swam with her in a pond and gave her a clean scrub, and then showered with her to get her clean. She is 63 years old. Also pictured are my brother and my son.

Wild monkeys I saw Thanksgiving 2021

These wild animals live on the island of St. John in the Caribbean. I met them this summer.

More wild animals from this summer. Highlights that I missed capturing on camera were two different species of sea turtles: logger head and leatherback.

If you look closely in one of the videos below, you just might find Nemo! (and sea anemone, a trigger fish, giant clam (blue), sea urchin, and so much more. Both were filmed by me in the Indian Ocean.