Kinder - 8th Grade Art at rrls

Art with Mrs. Fragapane

When it comes to teaching visual art to school-aged children, I aim to have the kids simply feel the sheer joy of the creative process. Art in school is so much more than improving hand/eye coordination. It is about problem solving and thinking outside the box. It is about realizing how culture and history intertwine with art. It is about appreciating God's magnificent artwork in all of creation. Our classroom encompasses a peaceful and inventive environment where mistakes are welcomed. My goal is simply for your child to love and appreciate art while growing in creativity and craftsmanship.

Most art projects are introduced with a short slide show about an art movement, a famous artist, or I may demonstrate a particular skill. I will give your child specific “Art Goals” to aim for with each project. Examples of art goals for younger grades might be to use only warm colors or draw a particular object so large that it almost fills the paper. Older students may have art goals such as apply shading based on your light source or create texture using lines or dots.