Our programs are what make Roycemore's Middle School an amazing and engaging experience for each and every student. Below are descriptions of what makes our Middle School

  • In a culture where adolescents are often pressured to conform, at Roycemore students are respected--and celebrated--for their differences. Roycemore offers an environment where students feel a sense of belonging, and are supported to push outside their comfort zone and try new things.
  • Our newly launched P3 (Personal Passion Project) period provides an opportunity for students to engage in projects designed by them! Twice a week students will have time in the schedule where they will work with a teacher/ coach and an expert mentor on their project within six broad themes: Journalism/Media; Entrepreneurship; Technology/STEM; Visual Arts; No Walls Learning; and Music/Chorus. Students will have time to dive even more deeply into their chosen topic during a special week in January.
  • An individualized and differentiated program ensures that students are engaged with their learning, whether they need additional support, enrichment or even acceleration. Students who excel at math, science and some other subjects, for example, have the opportunity to participate in advanced classes with other grades, with some students taking courses in the Upper School.
  • Our 1:1 Chromebook program supports both academic and social learning. Each student is given a carefully monitored Chromebook, which allows teachers to further differentiate curriculum and foster collaboration.
  • Our Advisory Program provides every student with a faculty advisor who serves as the primary point of contact for academic, social and emotional issues.
  • The House system (think Harry Potter) groups students for fun, social competitions throughout the year striving to gain points to receive the Griffin Cup!
  • Interdisciplinary teaching teams provide a stimulating and integrated course of study.
  • Gifted students or students with learning differences can obtain extra help through fee-based Learning Support services and from our Gifted Coordinator, both of which also provide on-site collaboration with our teachers.
  • Interscholastic sports and daily Physical Education for adolescent bodies and brains that need exercise to thrive!
  • The Middle School Shield program helps students look regularly and carefully at how well they embrace and exhibit our school’s core values of scholarship, integrity, community, respect, and compassion.
  • Fun social outings to places like Navy Pier, Six Flags Great America, movies, or Millennium Park. More info about social outings coming soon!