Hello! My name is Zach Silbernick, and this is my third year teaching at Royalton High and Middle Schools. I graduated from The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Secondary Mathematics Education (grades 5-12). I am also an alumnus of Royalton, and I am excited to be a part of all of the amazing changes going on at Royalton Schools this year! I am eager for this school year to start so I can share my passion for math with others! This year I will be teaching Algebra 2, Algebra 3, Statistics and Probability, and Trigonometry.

The syllabi for each of my classes can be found at the bottom of this website. This year I will be using several apps including IXL, Desmos,pearsonsuccessnet, and google classroom. All of these links can be found below. Just click on the picture to access the links. The usernames and passwords for our textbook and IXL can be found below their pictures.

Daily lessons, Daily Work, and Weekly Schedules can be found on each student's respective class calendar below or on google classroom. Any student who misses a day of school can catch up on missed material by looking at google classroom. I record every lesson each day, and these recordings as well as the note sheets, worksheets, and filled in powerpoints can all be found on google classroom or on the google calendars below.

If parents want to see daily assignments for their students, they can do so by going to the date of the assignment and clicking on the blue assignment tab under their students respective google calendars below. These tabs will have the assignment in the details as well as a link to a youtube video for students to watch if they were gone that day. Unfortunately, you can't just click on the youtube link. It has to be copied and pasted in the web browser to get to the video. If parents want to get into google classroom, they will have to use their students email and password to login as google classroom can only be accessed by education email accounts for security reasons.

If you ever have questions, feel free to contact me. Email will lead to the fastest response time, but if you want to feel free to call as well.

Zach Silbernick



IXL Username: firstinitial lastname@royaltonsd ex. zsilbernick@royaltonsd Algebra 2 Textbook

Algebra 3 IXL Password: geometry9 . Algebra 2 IXL Password: algebra2 Username: 18algebra2silbernick

Password: abcd1234!

We will be using Desmos often in class. Desmos is a free graphing calculator, and it does not require internet to use. I will show students in the first week how to download the app that allows students to use desmos without any internet. The three links above lead to the Desmos graphing calculator, student.desmos (where we will do many classroom activities), and the Desmos scientific calculator in that order.