A problem shared, is a problem halved.

About the product: A mental health product to promote positive mental health to children of a primary school age.

In each pack comes:

              • A soft toy character
              • A notebook and pen
              • Pouch with clip
              • A storybook which includes a picture card showing different emotions.

There are five different soft toys available that have different personality and traits.

My name is Marty. I enjoy playing with my friends and my favourite thing to do is to play tricks on them. I always have lots of energy and I really love telling jokes and making people laugh. I am usually happy .

My name is Gizmo. I enjoy spending my spare time in the pool. I love swimming. If I’m not swimming I enjoy hanging out with my friends at the playground. My friends say I’m very loud.

My name is Cody. I really love sports. I play many different types of sports but my favourite is football. I have lots of friends from all my teams and they all say I have lots of energy.

My name is Coco. I really enjoy listening to all sorts of music. I also love to sing. I am very shy and quiet but I have friends who are quiet like me too. I really enjoy school and learning new facts.

My name is Milo. I like to relax and I don’t get stressed over anything. I’m very calm and relaxed. I like to help others and I’m always there for my friends if they’re upset. In my spare time I love to watch television and I also enjoy reading different books.

About us: We are a group of transition year students from the Royal School Cavan. Our aim is to promote positive mental health to children through the use of this product.

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