Course Selection Guide


The basis for a successful year in high school is careful course selection for that academic year. The best selections are made when the students and parents have complete and accurate information from which to make decisions. The 2020-2021 registration guide provides families with information about high school requirements, university and community college admissions requirements, course descriptions, special academic programs available to students and more. With careful attention to the information presented in the course guide, a student can make a tentative four-year plan for high school that ensures readiness for continued education and employment options available upon graduation.

Tips for Selecting Courses

Students register for six courses. Students may register for two electives; electives include courses in foreign languages, (a minimum of a two-year sequence is required for graduation) fine arts, or technology. Students may also elect to take two courses in a core area, with approval. Course types are College Preparatory, Honors, Advanced Placement or Community College Courses (CCP). In College Prep courses, an A earns 4 quality points. Because Honors courses (H) go into greater depth and breadth and are conducted at a faster pace than College Prep courses, they carry weighted credit: the grade of A earns 4.5 quality points. Advanced Placement (AP) and Community College Courses (CCP) courses carry the weighted credit of 5 quality points for the grade of A, in keeping with the much higher demands on a student’s time and intellectual commitment. Certain courses have prerequisites and co-requisites (a co-requisite can be taken simultaneously with the course described). Students should consult their current teachers for assistance with placement. Students should always provide alternatives on the registration forms, especially for electives.

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