Personal Counsel Membership Plans


Protect your family and your legacy.

Whether you need a simple will or an entire living trust package, we will help you design your legacy.

​So many law firms just create a few documents and send you on your way with a pretty binder. Everyday people die with estate plans that were never fully funded or kept up with the changing laws because their lawyer had not kept in touch with them and left them to believe that the dusty binder on the shelf was all they needed. We've worked hard to actively care for our clients, keep up with the changes in their lives and the changes in the law. Your legacy and family are important to us.


This is why we created a specialized approach to estate planning. First off, we charge a flat fee for your initial, fully customized estate planning package. We want you to rest assured that you won't have surprise fees and costs. Everyone who completes their estate planning with us has the option to enroll in our Personal Estate Counsel membership plan.

Tier I

Traditional Estate Planning

With Flat Fee

*Fee varies depending on circumstances. Book your initial consultation today to get a personalized quote.*

  • You hire us for the limited scope of crafting an estate plan that works for you, your family and your assets.
  • If a trust is part of your plan then we transfer your main piece of real estate into the trust.
  • We give you a memorandum of funding that itemizes many common types of assets and you either transfer assets that needs to be transferred to your trust on your own or hire us to transfer them at an additional per-asset flat fee.
  • Unlimited consultations with you explaining the terms of your estate plan documents.
  • If you have a change in family or a change in finances it's up to you to reach out to us in order that your documents need to be updated. If you join one of our membership tiers we will reach out to you on a regular basis and make sure that your plan is current.
  • We include a letter to your successor trustee to give an overview of what is expected of him or her.

Tier II

Personal Counsel Basic Membership

Tier I Flat Fee plus

$49 per month ($499 per year)

Everything in Tier I plus:

Exclusive Access

  • One family or successor trustee meeting after formation of the initial estate plan to explain the terms of your estate plan, if you want to share the terms. At least a $350.00 value.
  • Unlimited scheduled telephone appointments from trustee, even if it is not you, explaining the terms of the trust. Unlimited value.
  • Once a year personal check in call from our office to see if anything in your life has changed that might affect your estate plan. At least a $350.00 value.

Rest Easy

  • Annual updates on the law so you can check to see if your estate plan still makes sense. Unlimited value.
  • Minor amendments to change the name of a trustee or agent any time. Changes to beneficiaries or division of assets is not included. Unlimited value.
  • Review of bank and financial forms that you filled out to ensure they are correct. Unlimited value.
  • On demand annual Check-Up of your estate planning documents to make certain that they still comply with current law. $750 value.

Bonus Value

  • One free review of an estate plan belonging to a relative or close friend per year. $750 value.
  • Access to our extensive bank of legal documents in our virtual office. Members only 10% Discount.

Tier III

Personal Counsel Silver Membership

Tier I Flat Fee plus

$129 per month ($1499 per year)

Everything in Tiers I and II plus:

  • We assist with the funding of assets to the entity of your choice (a trust, LLC or Corp). Up to three per year. Unlimited value.
  • We do an annual check-in with up to three other advisors, such as your CPA, financial advisor, and insurance broker to ensure that everyone is on the same page with your estate planning goals. Unlimited value.
  • Unlimited amendments to your estate plan.

Bonus for your non-estate planning needs

  • Unlimited scheduled 15 minute calls or emails on quick questions related to any of our areas of expertise.
  • Review of one contract prior to you signing it. Up to ten pages, one per quarter. At least a $300.00 value.
  • A letter from our office to a third party to help you resolve a dispute (such as a cease and desist letter). Maximum one per quarter. At least a $300.00 value.
  • A 10% discount on any flat fee legal services that we offer.

Bonuses for business owners:

Memberships are eligible for one time annual benefits after six months.

Prices subject to change.


How does the subscription billing work?

Subscription billing helps you avoid suprise bills. We invoice a flat monthly fee and complete the work within the projected timeline. Say goodbye to hourly billing! The monthly fee reserves time in our calandar for your legal needs so it is considered earned upon receipt and you aren't charged minute by minute.

How soon will I be able to become a subscription client?

Estate planning clients who completed their estate plan with us are automatically eligible. If you completed your estate plan with a different attorney please give us a call to see if we are a fit.

What if I need a customized subscription?

The subscriptions listed on this site can be modified to fit your situation. Let's schedule a call to chat about your particular needs.

What if I need additional services above what's included in the subscription?

If you have additional needs for services that fall outside of your subscription, you can add a short-term legal project for a flat fee. At any point during the engagement, you can upgrade your subscription to the next tier.

How long is the commitment?

All of our subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If we find that you are not a fit for our firm we will cancel your subscription.

What if my needs change during the course of the subscription?

We proactively review your subscription usage and, if needed, address changes quarterly. If your needs increase or decrease, we will restructure the subscription to fit your personal needs, including suggesting returning to only flat-rate projects, when appropriate.