Grade Level & Department Support

Below is a menu of trainings that are available for in person, whole group, or small group professional learning. You can combine topics if you'd like to create your very own personalized training.

If you and your grade level/department are interested in any of the offerings below, please fill out the form found the bottom of this page.

Google Classroom

  • Learn how to use Google Classroom to manage assignments, increase communication and collaboration, and engage with students beyond the 4 walls of your classroom.


  • Basics: Let's explore the basics of Schoology; set up your class(es), as well as create an assignment, discussion, and test.
  • Advanced: Let's learn how to take Schoology to the next level. Get ready to ramp up your use and create a blended learning environment for your students.


  • Students of all ages and in all content areas will love showing what they know using Seesaw! Easily create online portfolios and foster an engaging online classroom community. Students can create videos, add notes, comment on each other's items, and add in any content created in other apps.


  • BreakoutEDU is a collaborative learning experience where students work together (whole class or in teams) to solve problems/puzzles in an escape-room style experience. We can create a Breakout based on your content or tweak an existing Breakout to meet you and your students' needs.

Blended Learning

  • Explore how you can use the devices you have, whether you're 1:1 or only have a handful, to create powerful learning experiences that thoughtfully integrate technology. We'll discuss various models of blending learning to see what fits you and your students best.

Lesson Design with Hyperdocs

  • Learn how Hyperdocs can be used to design innovative and engaging lessons that support all students in meeting Common Core State Standards. Hyperdocs are more than a digital worksheet; they are a way to create learning experiences that support all learners.

Thinking Made Visible

  • Tools such as Explain Everything, Seesaw, and various screencasting tools on Chromebooks and laptops allow students to share their thinking by making short video recordings. You can also use these tools to create tutorial videos and examples for students.

Digital Storytelling with Google Tour Builder

  • Google Tour Builder combines maps and storytelling. Students can add place markers to any location on a map and write a description of that location. Great for describing the events of a story that occur in different places. Also great for summarizing and explaining historical events.

Green Screen

  • Green Screen can be used to enhance written projects and allow students to demonstrate their understanding in a fun and engaging way. Let's explore how this technology can enhance learning in the classroom.

Creating Screencasts for Flipped Learning

  • Are you looking to create videos that students can use at home or in class? Let's explore how we can create flipped videos to maximize classroom learning time and keep all students engaged and moving towards mastery of standards.

Engaging your Class with Flipgrid

  • Flipgrid is a fabulous tool that has many uses in the classroom using authentic student video responses. Use it for video discussions, book recommendations, to explain a math problem, exit tickets, and much more! The best part is Flipgrid can easily be shared in Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Schoology!

Setting up a Digital Portfolio with Google Sites

  • Using Google Sites, students can create digital portfolios to showcase their learning. In this session, we will explore digital portfolios and begin making on for yourself that you can model for your students.

Digital Assessment Tools

  • We will explore Kahoot, EdPuzzle, Socrative, Formative, and Google Forms which are tools that can be used for digital formative and summative assessments.

Meaningful Feedback with Digital Tools

  • Looking to provide authentic, meaningful feedback to your students and for your students to provide to each other? We'll explore a variety of tools that will allow you to do this quickly and efficiently.

Balanced Literacy and Technology

  • If you're using a balanced literacy approach, let's explore how technology can enhance your instruction. We'll look at how technology can be incorporated during different components of balanced literacy instruction.

Innovative Math Lessons with Technology

  • How can we use technology to enhance math instruction and student learning? By exploring various tools and strategies, we will create innovative math lessons that support the 4 C's and 21st century skills.

Writing and Technology--More than a Google Doc

  • Students can use a Google Doc to produce writing, but there is more that can be done with writing and technology. Let's explore how incorporating technology during all stages of writing supports the 4 C's and 21st century skills.