Family Zone Classroom


Family Zone Classroom lets you manage your students' online access. You can send your entire class to a specific website, allow and restrict access to certain sites, message your students, and lock students’ screens. You also have the ability to see students’ screens, open tabs, and internet activity.

In order to utilize Family Zone, you must have set up a class in Google Classroom with your students. Family Zone will then display each of the classes you have in Google Classroom and allow you to view and manage your students' online access.

Logging In

In the dropdown box to select a school, choose then click the sign in with Google button.

Setting Up Your Family Zone Schedule

Scheduling your Family Zone class allows you to automatically start and stop your class. At the secondary level, this is very important to do so that you will not be affecting students' internet access when they are not in your class.

Management Options

Blocks all internet access for students except to websites you specify

Opens a new tab for the website you specify on students' devices

Sends a message within the Chrome browser to all students in the class

Generates a code to give to students to bypass the filter for blocked sites

Closes all tabs on students' browsers and will not allow them to open a new one

Blocks or allows student access to specific websites

Please note that students must use the Google Chrome browser for these management options to work.