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Computer Science Course Descriptions

Computer Science 1

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

How are video games made? How does an ATM know how to give you the correct amount of money? How do Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat work?

A Computer Scientist is behind it all! Computer Science is responsible for the rapid pace of innovations in technology, medicine, communications, commerce, human interactions, and physical science that we see today. Computer Science 1 provides students with a general introduction to computer programming and problem solving as well as to the principles, etiquette and safety issues of general computing.

AP Computer Science Principles

Prerequisite: no prerequisite required

In addition to covering all of the topics listed above in Computer Science 1 this course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. With a unique focus on creative problem solving and real-world applications, AP Computer Science Principles prepares students for college and career. This course prepares students for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

AP Computer Science A

Prerequisite: Credit in Geometry or Algebra 1

This course provides students with a solid understanding of algorithms, symbolic reasoning, logic, and object-oriented programming that will allow them to be the innovators and future leaders of their chosen fields. Students will master the skills necessary to thoroughly analyze problems, systematically construct full and correct solutions, and express these solutions with clarity and precision. This course prepares students for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Computer Science 3

Prerequisite: AP Computer Science A

These courses provide students with an in-depth look at how computers and programs operate by examining advanced topics, such as discrete mathematics, circuit design, dynamic structures, algorithm efficiency, and client-oriented software development.

Independent Study

Prerequisite: Computer Science 3

This course provides students with an opportunity to explore a completely new facet of computer science at their own pace. At the beginning of the year, they choose a topic they would like to investigate and throughout the year, they work with the teacher to develop new skills and increase their understanding of computer science as a discipline.