Academy Ambassadors

What is an Academy Ambassador?

RRISD high school students willing to...

  • become the student “experts” in academy trends at Westwood High School.
  • learn to demonstrate professionalism in speech, dress, and actions.
  • connect their own academy interests to the outside community (business/industry partners).
  • provide testimonials on their own journey in becoming career and college ready.
  • assist as an academy program developer.
  • gain opportunities and experience in leadership.
  • are then recognized for service, leadership, and for taking initiative!

The opportunity to serve as an Academy Ambassador is available to any Westwood High School student willing to meet the following criteria:

  • Any WHS student who has selected an academy program as part of their 4-year high school graduation plan.
  • Any academy student interested in maximizing academy benefits that includes interactions with community and business partners.
  • Any academy student who wants to network with administration, program teachers, academy lead teachers, the academy specialist, and many outside community partners.
  • Ambassadors must be willing to advance and improve their own personal public speaking skills, take initiative, and be a young professional.
  • Interested in applying as an academy ambassador? Contact Mrs. Lucy Sanchez in the main office, any governing team ambassador, or an academy teacher.

Ms. Lucy Sanchez, Academy Specialist, WHS main office, #D1101 512.464.4191