Radebaugh ASL

Dorothy Radebaugh

Westwood High School

Room E2108

email: dorothy_radebaugh@roundrockisd.org

phone: (512) 464-4000

ASL Teacher

Orange Days

1st Block: ASL 1

2nd Block: ASL 2

3rd Block: ASL 3 and 4

4th Block: ASL 2

White Days

5th Block: Conference

6th Block: ASL 1

7th Block: ASL 1

8th Block: ASL 1

Tutorials for ASL will be held every morning, except Thursday, from 8:15-8:45. Students needing to take or retake a test should plan to show up no later than 8:15 due to the amount of time required to take a test. Students who show up after 8:15 to take or retake a test may be asked to return the next day at 8:15. Tutorials are available after school by appointment only.