US History

What my Juniors and their families need to know:

  • Email is the BEST way to contact me -
  • Tutorial Schedule- My tutorial schedule does not change - another teacher is available if I am not.
  • Google Classroom is used for everything!- any work, presentations, surveys will be on Google Classroom. All work is submitted through Google Classroom. Parents/Guardians you will be able to sign up to monitor your student's progress and assignments.
  • Calendar- Students have access to a calendar, that will tell them what is going to happen, has happened and is happening, please use that resource.
  • Course Syllabus- Includes course description, expectations for behavior and academic performance, along with the grading policy for the course.

Emily Ward

Google Classroom- Join Codes- Students ONLY

1st Period- saxhax

2nd Period- 7qdiq00

3rd Period- Zrc2mj

5th Period- n1p3pr

6th Period- 1jsc3r

7th Period- 1jsc3r

About Me:

  • Teaching at Round Rock High School for 5 years. Taught World Geography and US History
  • Bachelor's in History
  • Master's in Educational Leadership
  • From England originally, lived in France and California.
  • I love traveling and books.