Coach Quinn's

US History

Unit 6

Day 1:

Stock Market Game

Causes of Great Depression

Hoover/FDR Venn Diagram

Fireside Chat

Day 2:

Mexican Reparation

Grapes of Wrath

Dust Bowl

Movie Poster

Letters to Roosevelt


Day 3:

Power Couples

6 Word Bio

Day 4:

New Deal Court Packing


Test Review

Day 5:

Great Depression Test

Midterm Review

Unit 5

Day 1:

Great Migration

Assembly Line Reading (Henry Ford)

Harding Notes

Harding Twitter

Day 2:

Spokes Trial Reading

Immigration Notes

Sacoo and Venzetti Trial

Day 3:

1920 people (speed dating)

Culture Notes

Culture Poem

Day 4:

Finish Culture Notes/Poem

Unit/Vocab Quiz

Bust of Boom Video

Test Review

Day 5:

Roaring 20's Test

Start Great Depression Vocab

Unit 4

Day 1:DCA (Western Expansion and Progressive Era)


Spanish American War

Land Acquisition Map

B-day Picture Day

Day 2: Hawaii Reading

Panama Canal Video with Questions

Missionaries Frayer


A-day Picture Day

Day 3: President Foreign Policy

US Intervention Compare

Rossevelt Corollary


Day 4: Causes of WWI Warm Up

US Entry Timeline

WWI Readings

Exit Ticket

Day 5: WWI Technology

Treaty of Versailles

Before and After Map

Unit 3 Progressive Era (9/28-10/12)

Day 1: Word Wall

Warm Up Progressive Era Reading

Progressive Era Video Questions


Day 2: Conservation Warm Up

Reformers Talk Show with Chart

Progressive Era Exit Ticket

Day 3: Progressive Amendments and Poems

Federal Reserve PPT Notes

VOCAB QUIZ - Vocab sheet DUE

Day 4: Economic PPT Notes

Exit Ticket

Test Review

Day 5: Progressive Era Test

Start Progressive Foreign Vocab