Testing Info

Time Stamp 11/11/2017

The referral window is open 11/13 through 12/8 @ 4:00 p.m. This is a hard deadline and late entries will not be accepted. Please get your information submitted as soon as possible.

We will need this link filled out:

2017-2018 Referral for Gifted Services Online Form

We will also need you to print a hard copy of this form, sign it, and return it to UHE:

Talented and Gifted Referral Packet and Permission to Test form

BOTH the ONLINE REFERRAL FORM (submitted online) AND the PERMISSION TO TEST form (hard copy to campus) must be completed and submitted PRIOR to the deadline for registration of testing to be complete.

Thank you

RRISD District TAG Website - Gifted and Academic Services

Should my child be tested?

Review the Bright vs. Gifted chart to guide your decision.

TAG District Coordinator - Raine Maggio

Here is the TAG district coordinators' presentation for parents.

It includes: RRISD Referral, Screening, and Placement for Gifted Services

2017 TAG Parent Referral Presentation - 11/8

Here is a copy of the TAG Parent Referral Information night presentation. The meeting will be held on on 11/8

2017 TAG Parent Referral Presentation - SPAN.pptx

And, here is the Spanish version of the presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I test my child? Review the information in the packet or on the slideshow, discuss with your child's classroom teacher. Consider the maturity of your child. Test scores are valid for two years, so a child can only test every other year if he or she does not qualify.

Why is the testing so long? Round Rock administers at least three different measures when evaluating students for identification. This is in accordance with the State Plan for Gifted and Talented Education. We administer both ability/aptitude tests and achievement tests. In addition to this, we use behavior scales and observations.

Can I have my child tested in a single subject? No, the tests administered cover all subjects, but some of the tests give us an idea of where your child's strengths lie and how best to meet his or her needs. Students are then placed in subject areas in which they show aptitude.

When is the testing? Testing will occur from January - February 2018. Your child will be pulled during the day and administered the various tests. It is not necessary to "prepare" your child or do any "practice tests."

When will I find out the results? You will receive notification by USPS of the results of the committee's decision in the beginning of April. If you would like to review your child's test scores, you are welcome to contact the school and set up an appointment.

What if my child is identified for services? Testing in January is for placement in the fall of 2018. Some modified services may start toward the end of the school year. Your child will be placed in a TAG Cluster homeroom classroom in the fall.

What if my child is not identified for services? You may contact the school and ask for a meeting to review the scores. Most Union Hill teachers are trained in gifted education and are able to differentiate and modify instruction for advanced students. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet the needs of all our learners, regardless of any identifying labels.

How much homework will my child have in TAG? It is not the quantity of the work, but rather the rigor. Round Rock ISD is an academically-based gifted program that attempts to challenge its students with more complex and creative thinking. TAG teachers are expected to address four objectives: Thinking Skills, Subject Matter Knowledge and Skills, Independent Study Skills, and Social Skills. There is sometimes an adjustment period when a child is first identified for TAG. He or she may be used to completing things quickly in class. We challenge each child where he or she needs it.

Will my child have to do classwork/homework from the homeroom as well as the TAG classroom? The TAG classwork and homework replaces what is done in the regular classroom. Your child will be doing different activities and covering curriculum at a greater level of depth and complexity.

What if I want my child to "try it out for a few weeks" and then exit if it does not work? This is not done as it can be traumatic for a child to be switched around from class to class. Once placed in a TAG class, we would expect that instruction to remain in place for at least a semester before making any changes.

How many children are in TAG? RRISD has about 4,150 students identified for TAG services (8.9%).

Is there a maximum number of students allowed in the Union Hill TAG program? No, any child who qualifies for the TAG program will be served in the program.

Who may I contact if I have further questions: You may contact one of the TAG specialists if you have further questions.