TVES Broadcast

Bringing the News to Teravista elementary

Our morning broadcast is a collaborative project between the librarian, Mrs. Doeckel, Instructional Technology Specialist, Mrs. Oliver, and an awesome parent volunteer, Katie Nelms. The Broadcast Leadership team is a leadership position on our campus.

Students are asked to fill out an application, interview, and try out for the positions. Some advanced leadership positions may last the entire year. Each semester, students commit to serve on Broadcast, agreeing to come early and also do some work outside of school, if needed. The Technology TEKS and the 7 Habits are utilized in many facets of the broadcast production. Students are required to read and post new ideas, scripts, work schedules, background images, and videos into the production.

The jobs for Broadcast include producers, director, switcher, Apple Tech, sound, anchors, and lunch reporter.

Our Producers, or script writers, write the daily scripts. A pair of students write the script for one day of the week. They are responsible for writing the script ahead of time, and they will be the Anchor for that script.

Our Director controls the teleprompter as the Anchors read live on Broadcast, controlling the pace of the news delivery. Sound person is responsible for turning on or muting the microphones at the appropriate time. The Switcher operates the computer that has the software, Black Magic. Through this program, the Switcher alternates the cameras, green screen background, and recorded parts of the program. The Apple Tech operated the Mac Mini Visual Recorder, putting up the videos on deck so that they can be added to the Switcher's screen.

The Slide Show for the front office and TV while Broadcast is off air runs all day. Students prepare a presentation that includes the Upcoming Events, Habit of the Month, Lunch Menu, in addition to some trivia.