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My name is Tamara Woodard, and this is my second year at McNeil High School. I was a Life Skills Coach within the District of Leander, and have worked in the Special Education Department, assisting the 18+ students that have aged out of services, transitioning to group homes or volunteer opportunities. My last assignment within LISD was to serve in a High School setting, with non-verbal behavioral, class C students.

I hold a degree in Visual Communications, with experience from various job titles, such as: Voice Over Talent, HTML Artist, Interior Designer, Creative Fashion Model, Document Coordinator, Pixel-Based Editor, Loan Officer, Photographer, Permit Technician, and Housewife! I know how tough this world can be, and so I am here to encourage the young adults I speak with, that YES! they can do so many things in life, and not have to live by a societal mold.

Now being called to serve again in a High School, I am very happy to be in the midst of verbal students within an Inclusion Setting, assigned to the sole objective in assisting the Social Studies Department. All the lives and stories I have heard thus far from students I am with daily, have confirmed not only how determined these young adults are, but how amazingly kind and willing they are to do what it takes to succeed. I am very proud of them all!

Although I am assigned to assist selected students, I truly am here for each class as a whole. My only rule is they understand no question is deemed unworthy to ask. No question is irrelevant.