Stallion Star Gazette

March 2018

My First Chess Tournament

by Zaeem

The chance of playing better chess players than me was almost one hundred percent. Looking down I saw a pair of trembling knees. I thought I would lose all five games, I mean wouldn’t you if you knew that almost everyone has a higher rating than you. When I saw the pairings I tried my best to hold in tears. Drip. Drip. Drip. Eyes watering I glanced at the sheet of paper in front of me. It was true, I was playing a six hundred rated player. Then, I looked at my rating, unr, which meant unrated, also known as zero rating points. I was definitely going to lose my first chess game in my life. While walking toward the chess board I thought of how long I had practiced the game, chess. I had three years of experience! Thinking positive thoughts really boosted my confidence, but now it was time to test my knowledge. After the game I thought I could beat all four of the upcoming opponents because my opponent made a huge mistake, letting me win the first round.

The next round felt like it was never going to come. Finally, it was time for the second round. I felt better when I saw my opponent was only three hundred in rating. I thought I would be better immediately in the game because if I could beat a six hundred I could definitely beat a three hundred. But instead of being better at the beginning of the game I was completely lost! Luckily, my opponent didn’t see that he could win the game in two moves. After, my opponent made his move I sighed in relief and swiftly grabbed my queen and heartily said “Checkmate!” Checkmate is when you win the game by making one your pieces attack the king, and if it cannot move, block, or take the piece attacking their king it is checkmate.

Now I had a huge grin that couldn’t stop growing because I was thinking that if I won my next three games I would have five out of five points and a guarantee of knowing that I would get the first place trophy in my first tournament ever. Imagining all this made me a little too excited. Ok, ok I admit, I was way too excited. Especially when I saw my next opponent’s rating was the same as me I almost screamed in delight. My opponent’s rating was...unr! The same as me! Since I was so excited I wasn’t really paying attention to the game. I was still fantasizing the feeling of winning the trophy, the feeling in general, and how much praise I would get if I won all my games. So after I moved I instantaneously saw that I would lose the game. I know I was probably overreacting but losing to a six year old and pretty much almost totally losing the chance of making this the best day of your life… yeah, I bawled for fifteen minutes. Luckily, my wonderful mom watching me told me I technically still had a chance of getting first, but I didn’t believe that, then she said I would at least have my rating jump up, but which I also didn’t think was true.

Finally, the fourth round came, the inside of my eyes were still holding in water. I looked at the pairings-- I was playing a three hundred. I still felt bad for myself as I walked to the game. I didn’t really have to think about the game because my opponent made a huge blunder which means mistake in chess.

Finally, the last round came and I was feeling pretty hopeful that I’d win a trophy. I quickly glanced at a sheet of paper and ran to the boards. When I got to my board, I felt bad for my opponent when he lost in 4 moves. He was telling me about a school trophy and his feelings which made me sad that he lost so quickly. But as soon as our game ended, the tournament directors gave me the third place trophy! I tied for first but since I was oldest I got third place. Still I felt really good and my parents were awesome enough to celebrate the victory. And that was my first chess tournament!

Fan Fiction--Ramona and Her Cousin

by Meghna

Ramona tiptoed into the kitchen; her mother was talking to somebody on the phone. After her mother was done talking she smiled at Ramona. “I have some good news for you and Beezus,” she said.

When everybody was done eating their dinner mother stood up. “Your cousins are coming to our house tomorrow,” she said. Ramona frowned. “Oh come on,” she said, “I have to share my room.”

“Ramona,” her dad said in a quiet voice, “Don’t spoil everybody’s mood; your cousins are coming for you and Beezus, now cheer up and complete your last bit of chicken.” Beezus squealed. “Oh I can’t wait,” she cried, “Me and Jenny are going to have so much fun! I’m going to go to my room right now and making a list of all the the things me and Jenny are going to do!”

“Now Ramona,” dad said, “It's not going to be a big difference. Your cousins are going to sleep in the half of your room. If you need more privacy we’ll think of something.” “Alright,” Ramona said, “I guess it's fine.” “Perfect,” mother said, “Now go and tidy up the half of your room.”

Ramona picked up her plate and put it in the sink, then she made her way to her room.Suddenly she had a idea! Ramona got her curtain that she had gotten for her birthday, then she ran into Beezus's room. “Do you have any more of those sticky double sided tapes?” she asked. “Sure,” Beezus said. She handed Ramona a roll of tape. “Thanks,” Ramona said.Then she ran into her room and taped the curtain in the middle of her room.There, she cried proudly! The next day when Ramona was doing her homework, the doorbell rang. “Ramona dear,” mother cried, “Won't you answer the door?” “Yes mother,” Ramona said. She quickly went and answered the door. There was a family. “Hello,” they said, “Is this the Quimby's?” Mother came to see what was all the commotion. “Oh,hello! Where are my manners, please come in,” mother said. Ramona gave them way to come in. Beezus hurried over. “Oh,Jenny,” she cried, hugging her. They both ran off into Beezus’ room. “Ramona come here,” her mother said. Ramona did what mother directed. She faced a girl. A girl with dark red lips and short brown hair. “Ramona I would like you to meet Sara.” Sara smiled at Ramona. Ramona smiled back. Now she knew she wouldn't need that curtain.

South Korea

by Jiho

Have you ever been to South Korea? If not, have you wondered what it would feel like to be there? Have you tried speaking Korean language? Did you ever want to learn about South Korea?

The Korean language is written in Hangul, a phonetic alphabet created in 1446. Also something that I like about South Korea is that there are a lot of things to do and you can never be bored.

Why is grass the color it is?

by Zaeem

At one point in your life you might have asked the question, why are flowers the colors they are? Well, first of all I asked that question too. I mean why else would I be writing this article? Well, I could be writing a topic that my amazing teacher gave me, or for homework, or… Ok, I get the point, I guess I could be writing this for something else, but anyways after doing some research (you can find the research links at the bottom of this article) here’s what I found out.

The answer to the question is...photosynthesis and chlorophyll! You probably are yelling what?! But, yes the reason green plants (including grass) are the color they are is because chlorophyll, a chemical pigment, absorbs light energy from the sun. After, the light energy is absorbed the energy is changed into food in the process called photosynthesis. By the way I am pretty sure you didn’t know it is found in algae. If you did you should pat yourself on the back. Anyways, in the algae and plants chlorophyll is found in tiny structures within cells called chloroplasts. Inside a chloroplast are flattened, disk shaped thylakoids stacked on top of each other. Then, photosynthesis comes in! The light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll and channeled towards special reaction centers in the thylakoids.The reaction centers, also with electron-carrier molecules convert the light energy into chemical energy. This chemical energy enables plants to use carbon dioxide from the air to make sugars and and other food. Did you know that this doesn’t only happen to green plants? It happens to all sorts of colors like red, blue, or violet. Also, there is a special chlorophyll that can absorb an infrared ray also known as an invisible light so photosynthesis can do its job. Well, I know I sure learned a lot on this subject and I hope you did too!


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by Meghna

Space is a dangerous and mysterious place. Scientists have been studying space for a very long time.

What Is Space?

Space is emptiness in which EVERYTHING depends on it. You might think it's just a big place where planets are but its not. Space is full of wonder and questions.

Information About The Sun

Did you know the sun is a star? Well if you didn’t you know now. Without the sun we can’t live. The sun provides us thermal energy and light energy. It doesn’t only help us, it helps plants and animals too. All the planets depend on the sun,and they orbit around the sun. When the earth has finished a orbit it has finished a year, that's why we celebrate New Year's Day!

Space Exploration

Space exploration is traveling into space to gather information about the universe beyond earth. Space exploration could help people discover how the sun,the planets,and the stars were formed. People might also learn whether life exists on other planets. Some space exploration is done by spacecrafts that carry people. Other exploration is done by robotic spacecrafts. With each mission,scientists gain more knowledge that will help plan future missions!


"Space exploration."

Jokes and Riddles

by Zaeem


Q: What is the fastest dinosaur in the Olympics?

A: A PRONTOsaurus!

Q: What do you call a crocodile that steals things?

A: A CROOKodile!

Q: What did the watermelon say to the cantaloupe?

A: You are one in a MELON!

Q: What comes down but never goes up?

A: Rain

Q: What is the longest word in the dictionary?

A: Smiles, because there is a mile between each ‘s’

Q: Take away my first letter, and I still sound the same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?


Q: What can you catch but not throw?

A: A cold.

Q: We see it once in a year, twice in a week, and never in a day. What is it?

A: The letter “E”

Q: How do you make the number one disappear?

A: Add the letter G and it’s “GONE”


Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Double who?


Knock Knock

Who’s There?

The Interrupting cow.

Interrupting cow wh-


Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Yoda lady.

Yoda lady who?

Good job yodeling!

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?


Leaf who?

Leaf the house, you’re not the owner anymore!

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