Mrs. Grant

Mrs. Pinter

Hello Parents,

We are already in the middle of January! Time is flying by.

It will be the end of the year before we know it. We have hit the ground running. However, it is kind of hard to get back into the groove when we have a four day week, a five day week, and then another four day week. Please make sure that you are checking your checking your child's agenda.

Reading Logs- New reading logs were given on 1/14 and will be due 1/22.

Please make sure that your child is on time for school. We are having an issue with students being tardy. They need to be in the classroom by 7:40. They are marked tardy after that time. Thank you


  • 1/14 - Running club, service club
  • 1/15 - Science Project due
  • 1/18 - Spelling quiz
  • 1/21 - Reading logs due
  • 1/24 - STEM night (Math and Science)


  • Paragraph editing- looking for and correcting mistakes in paragraphs
  • We are working on test-taking genre for revising and editing.


  • Looking Deeper into Once upon a Time -we are reading and learning about fairy-tales, fables, and folktales
  • Monitoring for comprehension as we read
  • We are working on being accountable for our independent reading. (summaries and reading responses)


  • Working on the components of writing a fairy-tale
  • We are working on quick writing and then going back and revising and editing our writing.
  • RAD - Re-read our our work, Add what needs to be added, Delete what doesn't need to be there.


  • Fractions -adding and subtracting fractions


  • Science project due - January 15th
  • The water cycle

Science Fair

FCE Science Fair Judge Sign-Up

Online Student Science Fair Registration Form

Science Fair is around the corner! We are searching for qualified judges to help with our 2019 Science Fair. It will be held January 24, 2019. There are two shifts available for judging, 8:30-10:30 and 1100 -2:30. K-2 exhibits will be judged first, then grades 3-5.

Your qualifications must be:

1. You are over 18.

2. You do not have a child participating in the science fair block you are judging.*

* For example if your child is in grades K-2, then you could judge grades 3-5 level and vice versa.

3. You enjoy talking to interesting kids about their creative and scientific thinking.

You will be partnered with another judge and there is a clear rubric for scoring. We even provide a meal for you!

Please help us continue this wonderful Forest Creek Event!

Calling all Writers! Writing Club will be every OTHER Monday. In Writing Club, the students in 2-5 grade free write and share their writing. We will have a mini-lesson and talk about a writing craft or strategy. Then the writers can choose to write whatever they want. It can be a poem, story, rap, comic, essay.... anything. They can write individually or in groups. They can choose to share their writing with others as well. It is a place and opportunity for children to be creative and use their imaginations in a risk free environment. Writing Club will take place in the library and we will walk out to the front of the school for pick up. After school, the kids will meet in the gym and Mrs. Bartholomew will pick them up to go to the library to write. All 2-5th graders are welcome. Questions? Email or

FCE Service Club In Service Club, we facilitate and advertise service projects for our school. In the past year, we helped collect toys for Dell Children's Hospital to raise awareness of OMS, we collected books and money for Libraries of Love in Africa and organized our Walk to Read Event, we collected food for the Round Rock Serving Center, we made bows for girls in a children's home and collected over 400 pairs of flip flops for people in Honduras. We also volunteered once a month at the Round Rock Serving Center on the first Saturday of each month.

All 4th and 5th graders are invited to attend Service Club. Please email your child's teacher if your child will attend Service Club on Monday and let us know how he/she is getting home at 4:00. Email with any questions.

Home Access Center (HAC) Parents, the Home Access Center is available beginning today. Please visit our district website to receive instruction on how to register & login. The HAC is an online information system that allows parents/guardians and secondary students access to view student information such as:

  • Set grade notifications
  • Class schedules
  • Class assignments and grades
  • Attendance records
  • Food service PIN#
  • Integrated mobile App