Sra. Dietert

¡Hola! My name is Mrs. Dietert and I'm very excited to be teaching Spanish at Canyon Vista this year! I taught Spanish the last couple of years at Canyon Vista, and at Walsh middle school before that.



Room Number: Portable B

Tutoring Schedule: August - October there will be no tutoring after school due to volleyball. Individual tutoring appointments can still be made. I will be in my room Monday and Wednesday mornings beginning at 7:45.

Remind 101 - I will use Remind 101 intermittently to remind students to bring extra materials to class. I will NOT use Remind 101 to remind students about tests or quizzes. Information about test and quizzes can be found on the agenda for the appropriate class.

Spanish 1B - or text @espanol-1b to the number 81010

Spanish 2 - or text @cvespanol2 to the number 81010

What do we do in class?

The focus of this class will be on communication in Spanish. We will speak, listen, read, and write every day. In class, the teacher and the students split the work 50-50. I tell students they need to do their 50%. My 50% is making the class and materials engaging and most importantly COMPREHENSIBLE (understandable). The students' 50% is doing their best to understand and participate in class. As long as I'm making class understandable and students are trying to understand, we should be in for a fun and successful year!

Grading Policy:

  • 10% daily activities and homework
  • 40% formative assessments (quizzes and minor projects)
  • 60% summative assessments (tests and major projects)

All homework is due the day after it is assigned. Late work will be accepted one day late for a loss of 10 points (90% total possible), and will lose 5 points each day after the first that it is late. If you have an excused absence for a day that an assignment is due, you will be expected to turn it in the next day. This does NOT apply to assignments that you turn in online; assignments that are turned in online should be turned in on the day that they are due.