Señorita Espinosa

Español 1A y 1B


Welcome to Srta. Espinosa's Spanish class website! Here you'll find the weekly class agenda, announcements, and resources to help you succeed in learning Spanish this year, and beyond!

Online Textbook access here. (If it's your first time to log in, your User is RRISDs+ 6 digit ID #, and Password is s+6 digit ID#)

Online Textbook access

Srta. Espinosa's Schedule

1st period 8:20 ~ 9:10 Español 1A

2nd period 9:14 ~ 10:07 Español 1A

3rd period 10:11 ~ 11:01 Español 1A

4th period 11:05 ~ 11:55 Conference

5th period 11:55 ~ 12:21 Español 1B

6th period 12:25 ~ 12:52 Lunch

7th period 12:56 ~ 1:46 Duty

8th period 1:50 ~ 2:40 Español 1A

9th period 2:44 ~ 3:35 Español 1A


Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:45 ~ 8:15 a.m.


  • 1-in binder OR one tab in student's larger binder
  • composition notebook (no spirals, please)
  • index cards (3x5in), container or safe place for them
  • Pen and pencil every day, no excuses!
  • Spanish-English dictionary for at-home use
Copy of Syllabus, Spanish.docx

Classroom Expectations

Copy of expectations, procedures.doc
Open House 2017