Ms. Smith's Theatre Classes

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Tutorials by appointment due to ever changing rehearsal schedules :)

Please see menu on the side for the individual class calendars and syllabi

Ms. Smith’s REMIND codes

TEXT 81010 and send the corresponding code as a message to join the classes

Directing @crhsdirec

Shakespeare @crhsshake

American Drama @amdram

Theatre I Period 5 @theatre1p5

Children’s/Comedy @chilcomedy

Theatre I Period 7 @theatr1p7

Production @crhsproduc

Ms. Smith’s


Go to your Google Classroom app and enter in the corresponding code

Directing 4u558u

Shakespeare 0lynusx

American Drama qp749ti

Theatre I Period 5 2fvbu77

Children’s/Comedy u76kbng

Theatre I Period 7 yo9tw31

Production K6pkkyf

Theatre At The Ridge Handbook

2017 - 2018 Theatre Handbook.pdf