Principal Selection Process in RRISD


In Round Rock ISD, we believe all students deserve a strong leader in every classroom, every department, and every school. Our Leadership Values – Include All, Invest in Growth, Inspire Action – define what great leadership looks like in Round Rock ISD. These values were developed through our work with the Holdsworth Center, which is centered around strengthening current school leaders to lead and sustain change in our District, as well as building systems and structures that will allow us to attract and identify top talent and develop the potential already present across our District.

Our Leadership Values incorporate District-wide input and represent the experiences of leaders and staff members at all levels. As our family continues to grow as educators and leaders, our Leadership Values and efforts will evolve to ensure that we, as leaders, continue to meet the needs of every classroom, school, and department.

Round Rock ISD is dedicated to being one of the highest performing districts in the state. We are continually striving to reach this goal by recruiting and selecting the most highly qualified and sought after school leaders for students. Our work will continue as we develop and collaborate with our stakeholder groups to improve processes around recruitment, identification, selection, development, and retention of high-quality leaders.


Steve Flores, PhD

Superintendent of Schools


The vision of the RRISD principal selection process is to implement a rigorous and accessible system for selecting candidates who demonstrate high-quality school leader potential. By employing a clear, transparent, and consistent selection process we will ensure the best principal talent is identified and selected.


The purpose of the RRISD principal selection process is to provide a formalized system of identification and selection of high-quality principal candidates who exhibit the characteristics, traits, and experiences that align to our District’s Leadership Values, Principal Role Definition, and campus leadership profile.

(See "Leads Organization" Behaviors)

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