Ms. Parra's U.S. History

Contact Info:

(512) 428 - 2546

Parent Conference Availability:


Tutoring Times:

Before School (except Mondays): 7:45-8:14

Lunch: 1:15-1:45

By appointment


Lesson Plans:

1st Period 8:20-9:10 Pre-AP U.S. History

Advisory 9:14-9:39 Advisory

2nd Period 9:43-10:33 PLANNING

3rd Period 10:37-11:27 ESL Inclusion

4th Period 11:31-12:21 TEAM

5th Period 12:25-1:15) ESL Inclusion

6th Period 1:15-1:45 LUNCH

7th Period 1:49-2:39 U.S. History

8th Period 2:43-3:35 U.S. History

If you're able, donations of items from the class "Wish List" are greatly appreciated to support our students. Thank you!