Welcome to 4th grade

All you need to know and more!

The 4ll of 4th Grade

This site is our way of keeping you the parent in the loop of all the AMAZING things your kiddo is doing in 4th grade. On this site you will find what is going on in each subject area, weekly homework, spelling information and so much more. Our hope is that we can alleviate the,

"Mom! Dad! I lost my book report page and it's due tomorrow!" or

"I can't remember exactly how to do this strategy, I wish I had the anchor chart from my class!"

So now, as a parent you can say, "No worries, Billy! We can go look at the 4th Grade Website!"

All joking aside we want to build a partnership with you and we get the frustration that can happen as you try to recreate the classroom at home while working on various things with your kiddo. Hopefully this little space on the internet can help make your time spent working with your kiddo a little less stressful because you have something to refer to. Please note, this is not replacing weekly communication from your child's individual teacher but rather acts as a place to stop by if you have a general question about what is happening in 4th grade!

We look forward to having a FABULOUS FOURTH GRADE YEAR with you and your FANTASTIC FOURTH GRADER!