Ms. O'Neal's Owls

Owls' class code for NEWSELA is 6vug72

Treefrogs' class code for NEWSELA is AFAMTP

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We have a computer reading program called NEWSELA. In this program students can pick from a variety of articles to read. These pieces are all nonfiction.

Skills for the week of March 5-9

Reading: We are starting Drama this week. Students will learn the different parts of a play. They will be reading plays, finding the theme to the plays, and learning how to write a play be applying the different components.

Writing: Students will be given choice for writing a short play in class. They will be expected to incorporate all the different play components within their play.

Spelling: No words this week

Night Write:Your class is making a box that will not be opened until 2066. Write an expository explaining the one important item you would put into the box.

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