Mr. Tidwell

3rd Grade

Welcome to our 3rd grade classroom! I'm so excited to have you part of our team. With a collaborative supportive effort, we can make sure your child has the best educational experience possible this year. Keeping an open line of communication between home and school will allow all of us to do what's best for your child. Please complete the Student Info form at the beginning of the year so that I can have some important information to get the year off started smoothly. Thank you and here's to having a fantastic year!

Student Information Form

Mr. Tidwell's Third Grade Thinkers, Makers, Movers, & Shakers

As a teacher, I am given the opportunity to watch young minds grow and be a contributing factor in nurturing not only their creativity and knowledge within academics, but also in their character development in learning how to act and behave in social settings. Whether that be learning to work with others (respectful listening skills, sharing ideas, collaborating), learning time management and self organization skills, prioritizing what is most important, and conflict resolution.

My goals for my students are to:

1. encourage them to think about the why and how of learning,

2. motivate out-of-the-box thinking in all aspects of their life,

3. model ways for them to use their talents and skills to help others in need

4. inspire creativity and imagination in new ideas, strategies, and different POVs of how we see things

5. promote confidence, yet understanding, to have a growth mindset in learning from all of our mistakes.

If you haven't emailed me yet, please do so at, so that I have a correct email contact for you.


Weekly communications and updates will be sent home via a beginning of the week "Weekly Agenda". Our "Weekly Agenda" will consist of a short description of what we plan to cover during the week. Important events and other reminders that are occurring during the week may also be included in the beginning of the week "Weekly Agenda" email. My intent is to be brief but informative, as I want to respect your busy lives, but still be able to give you information that will allow you to have open conversations with your child about what is going on in their school learning.

More in-depth conversations give you a better confirmation that your child was listening, participating, and comprehending what was being taught at school than the "How was your day today?" ---- "fine." By giving you a quick and simple snapshot, you can better steer your conversations to get more information from your child. (What did you learn about author's purpose? matter? citizenship? etc. today?")

If your child is able to explain and describe in detail what they did in class, then you can be sure that they are truly learning and understanding what they need to learn. If you're getting one word answers and/or the "I don't know" replies, this may be a sign that your child's focus and attention may be somewhere else and not on what is being taught.

*Please report absences using our online form. click here

*Last minute end-of-school transportation changes, call the office at 512-428-2100

Thank you and let's have a fantastic year!